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Brushstrokes by the Gulf

Our Galveston adventure turned into this cool project we tackled. Three sections, two at 4' x 64' and one at 5' x 41', kept us busy for about three days, but man, were we stoked with how it turned out.

Picture this: Red Bull in hand, blasting some awesome tunes, we powered through the ups and downs of Galveston's crazy weather. Cold, then hot—messing with us a bit. And, well, my lips took a hit with the chapping, but hey, that's part of the game.

Beyond the art stuff, this project was a real team effort. Every brushstroke and every hiccup in the weather became part of the story. It's more than just a finished project; it's a shared experience, a memory we're gonna look back on with a grin. Galveston, you threw us a curveball, but we knocked it out of the park.


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