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Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Do you hand paint logos and lettering?
    Absolutely, we specialize in hand painting of logos and lettering. Every project is approached with a commitment to craftsmanship, and we take pride in creating bespoke designs entirely from scratch. Our process involves employing a range of techniques to skillfully transfer your design onto the wall, ensuring a seamless and accurate result. From the initial concept to the final strokes, your project is handled with precision and artistic flair, guaranteeing a unique and handcrafted finish.
  • What surfaces do you paint on?
    Our expertise extends across a diverse range of surfaces, catering to both smooth and textured substrates. We have the capability to paint on a variety of surfaces, including: Glass Metal Wood Brick Cinderblock Sheetrock Tile
  • What type of paint do you use?
    While each project is unique, here's a straightforward guide to our painting approach: Latex Base Walls: If your wall already has a Latex base, we'll use Latex paint for your logo to maintain a consistent appearance, unless you prefer oil enamel. Pure Aluminum or Metal Surfaces: For surfaces made of pure aluminum or metal, we exclusively use oil enamel to ensure a durable and striking finish. This tailored approach ensures that the choice of paint aligns with the specific characteristics of your surface.
  • How long does the sign last? Does it fade?
    Painted signs boast impressive longevity when exposed to optimal conditions. Typically, the initial sign of aging is gradual fading, with red and purple hues exhibiting the most susceptibility. This fading, when it does occur, tends to happen uniformly. The lifespan of colored signs is influenced by various factors, predominantly weather conditions. Surfaces consistently exposed to sun and rain are more prone to the effects of fading. Generally, anticipate a duration of 7-10 years for colored signs, while black painted signs can endure for 10 years or more. It's worth noting that faded signs carry a unique charm, wear it as a badge of honor, showcasing the resilience and longevity of your establishment in the business landscape!
  • Do i need a permit?
    Yes, most signs that advertise your business need a permit. But signs painted on windows and doors, and those not visible from the sidewalk or street, don't. We're licensed and can handle permits for you, but first, we need to check if your Certificate of Occupancy is valid.
  • How do i get a quote?
    To request a quote, please provide the following information for an accurate assessment: Images of the Wall: Capture a straight, centered shot of the wall and provide close-up pictures to highlight specific details. Logo: Include your logo if available. Information for Painting: Specify any details you want painted, such as business name, phone number, and address. Project Location: Clearly state the location of the project. Project Details: Outline the size of the wall and preferred colors. Additional Information: Indicate if the wall is positioned high up or if there are any obstructions that could affect the painting process.
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