Tommy's gun

Ok so..... I bought the quest 2 in October been having fun with it so far, but after playing KS you kind of get burned out just a little due to the few locations available to paint. No big deal, still cool. So i recently decided to take on a bigger challenge of painting portraits/painting referenced images. It's always been on my to do list, but in real life I just kind of set it aside. I mean...doing something you are not to familiar with and the risk of blowing it kind of gives me the creepies or creepa-roo-nies. so VR Life will have to do for now.

So far I've painted 5 images and honestly... it was kind of fun. Defiantly was slow at first since I had to learn a little about the layering of skins tones and what worked best for me. Over all I'm not disappointed with the progress I've made. I plan to paint some more things soon, screen shots from some of my favorite movies. :) after a few of those I think I'll be ready to hit the streets and say hello to a few old walls I've been neglecting.

Tommy's gun

Koolaid Clown

Kid Blasto