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How to run custom maps in Kingspray

Here are the steps you will need to take to paint custom maps in Kingspray.

Before we begin, make sure you have a powerful enough PC or laptop to run VR. Also a headset such as Oculus rift, Quest, Valve Index or HTC Vive.

Step 1: Download Kingspray Graffiti from Steam.

Step 2: Once Kingspray is installed, right click on Kingspray from the library list. Then click Properties.

Step 3: Click on BETAS then select devbranch - devbranch from the drop down.

Step 4: Restart steam, then check to see if Kingspray now says [devbranch]

Step 5: Join the Discord "Kingspray Leveldesign"

Step 6: Create a "Bundles" folder in Documents/Kingspray Graffiti/

Step 7: Download custom maps from the various channels by clicking the links provided by the map creator. They will download by default into your "Downloads" folder.

Step 8: Extract the files by right clicking and selecting Extract All.

Some files may require 3rd party extractors like 7-Zip

Step 9: Once extracted, copy these 3 files into the "Bundles" folder you created in Documents/Kingspray Graffiti/Bundles folder.

Note: Some Maps will not contain all 3 files, that's ok.

Once you've copied all the maps you wanted into the Bundles folder you should have something like this.

Step 10: Run Kingspray, your maps will be in your map list in your bunker.

Now that you've learned to install and play custom maps, you'll probably want to to paint those maps with friends in multiplayer.

A "How to play custom maps in multiplayer" coming soon.


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