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The walls have teeth.

Painting two massive logos for All Star Truck, each measuring 15' x 10', became quite the adventure. Winter weather didn't cut us any slack, and the relentless wind during the prep work made it less than enjoyable. I opted to skip the gloves, even though my fingers were numb the entire time. There's something about the direct feel of the brush and paint that gloves just can't replicate. Though, it did make me worry about dropping something in the process.

The real struggle kicked in with a scissor lift that seemed to have a vendetta against us. It refused to charge and would die every few feet during the initial stages of the project. Talk about frustrating! Thankfully, we got our hands on a fully functional one eventually, and that made all the difference.

To add to the drama, the wall we were working on had a texture that seemed to devour our brushes—it was like the wall had teeth!. There's something uniquely enjoyable about tackling crazy surfaces and turning them into works of art.


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