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Painting on a Steep Slope

Embarking on the challenge of painting an ancient building brought unexpected hurdles for our team. Tackling a steep slope, we ingeniously utilized ropes secured through windows for support. However, a footwear dilemma emerged when Gani, in his Nike Cortez shoes, faced grip issues.

In a spontaneous move, Gani ditched his shoes, opting for the unconventional solution of painting barefoot. Surprisingly, it worked like a charm, and he confidently navigated the slope. Meanwhile, I found reliable traction with my Nike Air Max Speed Turf.

The contrasting footwear choices became a defining moment, showcasing the creativity and adaptability essential for completing the project. Sometimes, in the world of painting on steep slopes, going shoeless might just be the unexpected key to success!

Here's a plaque with some cool history about the building, fancy!


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